A long parody ago in a galaxy far,
far away...

Episode XXXI

Having fought DARK FORCES for years, a JEDI KNIGHT became a pilot and a General of the REPUBLIC COMMANDOS during the CLONE WARS. Disenchanted he left the war, escaping in a JEDI STAR FIGHTER as a JEDI OUTCAST. Finding a hidden starship he was eventually trapped by one of THE SITH LORDS.

Conveniently escaping to a forest world he was finally found by a REBEL ASSAULT team. Recruited as an X-WING pilot and COMMANDER, he fought across many BATTLEFRONTS for the fledgling REBELLION.

He discovered the existence of an artifact containing the knowledge of the KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC. At last finding, studying and destroying it, he learned the secrets of the FORCE UNLEASHED and became a spirit, destined to return. Hooray!!