Fill in the card below. Sketch a hero. Print out. Cut along the lines. Fold the card. Play!
Sketch Heroes
Powers, Skills and Equipment that boost Scores
Current Health
Draw your picture above. Show/Hide Mannequin. Clear the sketch.
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Won: Lost:


Fill in the card above and print out, or print out a blank card then fill in by hand, following the instructions below:


(1) Sketch your hero in the box available. Think up a name.

(2) As a beginner hero, divide 20 points between your Speed, Strength, Agility, Mind and Health scores (make sure you have lots of Health!). Give 2 extra points to your Weapon Score (no big weapons to start with). All scores must start as 1 or over. Create as many cards as you like. Each player has an equal number of cards.

(3) For each score think why your hero is so fast, strong, agile or clever. Make up special skills (including abilities and super powers) and equipment (including gadgets and armour etc) and fill them in the "Powers, Skills and Equipment" slot for each score. In the slot for Weapons add a description for your Weapons and the Weapon skills. Create a description of the hero.


(1) Both players choose a card from their equal sized decks and show only the picture side of the card to the other player.

(2) Flip a coin to see who will go first in the fight. Decide who will call “Heads” or “Tails”. If they guess right they go first. This is done only once in this fight. Whichever player goes first is the Attacker. The other player is the Defender.

(3) ATTACK! The Attacker must now announce what score they are attacking with, either: Speed, Strength, Agility, Mind.

(4) COMPARE SCORES! The Attacker compares this score with the Defender's same score.

(a) If the Attacker's score is higher than the Defender's score then the Attacker “hits” the Defender (go to 5).

(b) If the Attacker's total score is equal to or lower than the Defender's total score, then the Attacker calls “Heads” or “Tails” and flips a coin. If they guess it right the Attacker successfully “hits” the Defender (go to 5) if they guessed it wrong it's a “miss” (go to 7).

(c) Optional advanced rule (all the players agree in the first round if to use this rule): If the Attacker's chosen score is half or less than the Defender's score then it's an automatic miss (go to 7).

(5) DEFENCE! The Defender has been hit by the Attacker and now has a chance to stop the damage, with a lucky extra dodge or block. The Defender calls “Heads” or “Tails” if they guess the coin flip then they take no damage (go to 7). If they guess wrong they take damage (go to 6).

(6) DAMAGE! If the Defender takes damage they take the Attacker's Weapon score from their Health. (E.g. If a Defender's health is 10 and an Attacker's Weapon score is 2, the Defender's Health goes down to 8). Now go to step 7.

(7) REPEAT! The Defender now attacks the other player as in step 3 (for a new round) and this repeats until one card goes down to 0 Health or below. This character card is knocked out and  then goes to your discard pile and both players can choose any new card (go to step 2). The winner is the player with cards left.

© Glenn Herbert - Use Recycled paper where possible